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Author Topic: U.S. Budget Crisis  (Read 855 times)
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« on: April 08, 2011, 11:31:02 PM »

8:25 PM ADT, April 8. 2011

CNN is announcing a "deal" to avert a federal shutdown.

This is not -- REPEAT -- NOT an end to the budget crisis.  All Congress has done is start another overtime inning in the same tired old game they've been playing since September 30, 2010.  They still have not passed the budget that should have been in place before the start of the fiscal year on October 1, 2010.  Over six months later, they are still operating the government on continuing resolutions, which is NOT an endgame.

My primary sources of income are my military retirement pay and VA compensation for service-connected disabilities.  The absence of a national budget means that income could stop at any time and continuing resolutions merely mean the income will continue for a few more weeks or days.

Interior Alaska is entering our very short building season.  I had planned to start buying materials (concrete block, cement, lime, sand, and gravel) earlier this week but have postponed my plans indefinitely due to income uncertainties.  Simply put, I cannot release any of the money I've saved because I don't know if I'll need it for food if Congress continues to fail to get their act together.  Likewise, I cannot spend any of the money I do receive because I might need it later to cover Congressionally-induced income shortfalls.

If Congress fails to get its act together by August 1st, I'll have to declare this summer a waste and postpone all work on the house until after May 15th, 2012.

Nor can I shift over to working on the motorhome due to income uncertainties.

On a related note, the domain registration and host services are paid for out of my retirement pay and disability compensation.  This forum,, is an add-on domain under my account and paid for as part of that account. is my personal domain, to do with as I please, and is paid for through January 2012. costs a mere $10.00 per year for registration and uses unused space in my account.  (This is the reason I have consistently refused to accept donations ... the main expense is for my own selfish purposes and the part everyone else uses only costs $10.00 per year.)

It suits me to have a place where friends and family can gather and share.  If I could figure out how to put a coffee pot and a box of donuts or cookies on the forum, I'd do it.

Earlier today, when a federal shutdown still seemed imminent, I seriously considered blocking and for the duration of the shutdown and/or budget crisis in protest.  I have no qualms about blocking ... it is funded by Congressionally-controlled income and I see no reason why I should share anything when people's duly elected representatives start screwing with that income., on the other hand, is a community-based website and I don't feel comfortable blocking it unilaterally.  Earlier today, I consulted with Leeann and Charlie and they both said I should do what I feel is appropriate.  However, blocking it seems a little bit like throwing a tantrum, especially when I consider the forum members outside the U.S. who have no control over what Congress does (or does not do).

Additional considerations:  If the federal government had shut down, my son's and daughter's active duty pay would have stopped.  For my daughter, it would meant she would not be able to make her mortgage and truck payments on time.  I'm willing to make book on just how understanding the mortgage company and credit union would be.  (Quite a few people have learned I may make bets but I don't gamble ... the most famous was the lieutenant whose money I took when he kept insisting Idaho didn't touch Canada.)

Besides the house and truck payments, there is the issue of making sure the grandchildren have food ...

Mopar otaku!!
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